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A 95% pure curcumin liquid supplement to help reduce your pain and inflammation, improve joint health, and digestive health.



A 95% pure curcumin liquid supplement to help reduce your pain and inflammation, improve joint health, and digestive health. It is derived from turmeric root; an extensively studied ayurvedic herb known for its anti-inflammatory properties that aid in reducing joint and muscle pain. Our flagship product.


Camelina Sun™

Camelina Sun’s Whole Omega™ is made from cold-pressed, virgin FDA GRAS-approved camelina oil sustainably grown in Montana, USA. Camelina oil is nature’s perfect oil. It is the healthy, completely Vegan, fish oil alternative you have probably never heard of. Camelina oil is the new Vegan standard for omega fatty acids.


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Our products are available for retail. If you’re a retailer or an organisation within the retail and/or wholesale branche, don’t hasitate to contact us as we’re always open to discuss your ideas. We strive to build long-term, sustainable partnerships, together.

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If you’re a wholesaler or retailer interested in bulk orders, contact us for more information as we’ll provide you with all necessary inforation.

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Advancare is selling world-wide. We create and use durable, reliable and strong partnerships all over the world with companies and organizations specialized in self-care, animal-care and similar product groups.

We are always open to new contacts and partnerships.

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Unfortunately, we are not allowed to put studies on our site due to government regulations. For studies, you can contact us.

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What we stand for

MISSION | Excellent clinical experiences in several countries has encouraged Advancare to further develop CoreCumin® and make it available all over the world. It’s our mission to increase the well-being of both humans and animals with advanced self-care products.

VISION | Worldwide, awareness about the use of products based on natural ingredients with less impact on resources and nature, is growing. Advancare products contribute to achieve this, using natural ingredients and create long-term benefits. 

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